Geoprint, s.r.o., a family company, has been operating on the printing market since 1993. The company is already managed by the second generation of owners, which ensures the combination of experience and a youthful spirit. The original business, which gave the Geoprint company its name, was map printing. The business was quickly extended to the whole range of polygraphic production.

Our main printing device is a five-colour off set printing machine KBA Rapida 75-5 with an operating speed of 15,000 sheets per hour, capable of printing papers in the format up to 700 x 500. This machine is used primarily to print newspapers and magazines, bulletins and books, as well as brochures and manuals.

Other printing machines include a two-colour printing machine with gripper sheet size B2 KOMORI SPRINT II and a Heidelberg Printmaster, two-colour printing machine with the sheet size B3. These printing machines are used primarily for printing instructions and leaflets, carbonless printing, as well as blank and form printing. 

For printing of small volumes, we use the Konica Minolta Accurio Press C6085, a digital printing machine. This printing machine with the maximum printable area 330×764 is used to personalize prints. Virtually while you wait, we can produce invitation cards, business cards, and low volume prints. Part of the printer is a graphic studio, which can enhance your ideas to a professional level and prepare the print data for printing.

The bookbinding department is where the whole production process is completed. Here we can refine the printed matter using lamination or partial coating. We have die-cutting machines that can cut e.g. company folders or article labels with euro hangers (hang tabs). We also have bookbinding machines for folding thin papers and creasing thicker papers, adhesive bonding machines for finishing books and bulletins, and machines for sewn binding of brochures and manuals. We can also provide TWIN spiral binding.

For more information on our company, please contact us:

Personal contacts: Jiri Bilek, jr. (English language), phone: +420 607 877 092 
or Petr Fellner (German language), phone: +420 723 126 122